MH-12-Leadership Development
at RC Pune(MH) by Dr. R.B.Shivagunde and  Dr. Aashish Deshpande  from 15-03-2021to 17-03-2021

The course on Educational Leadership  targets to develop basic skills and awareness on leadership and other managerial skills, like planning, decision making, problem solving and quality management tools along with administrative purchase, financial and legal procedures for effective functioning. New role require view mindsets. Based  on research ` Educational Leadership and Management will challenge you to re-evaluate your current mindset.  

          Participants will learn through case study, instruments, assignments, and self-assessment tools and simulated situations for actions. The programme will be based on on andragogy in Indian contest

    The programme will be competency oriented and based on androgogy in Indian contest. Based on TNA and discussions with state officials and demand from Teachers and key functionaries this 03 days programme is designed to improve  leadership skills for key functionaries of  Polytechnic and engineering college of various states of the country

The participants of the workshop will be able to:
·       Develop leadership skills to  perform role as Teacher-Manager
·     Describe the concept and need of leadership
·     Use appropriate leadership style in given situations
·     Derive the role of a leader in the present and future context
·     apply leadership style  appropriate to the engineering education
·     Understand Power and politics
·     Adopts decision making models in given situations
·     Apply problem solving models for identified problems
·     Apply appropriate conflict resolution style in a simulated situation
·     Describe the concept and need of managing Change
·     Design change model to Institution
·     Manage Innovations and change effetely
·     Describe Strategies to overcome resistance
·     Apply change Models

The programme aims to provide a conceptual and practical understanding of the need of energy efficiency, calculating the energy consumption besides reducing energy consumption and developing optimal sustainable renewable energy options.