The objective of the short term training programme is to give an overview of the subject and demonstrate application and potentials of Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS technologies. The course will provide knowledge to the teachers of technical institutes to apply these technologies in their institutes and to facilitate the faculty members from various academic institutions to impart better quality teaching on Remote Sensing & GIS at diploma and undergraduate levels. This knowledge and skills will be transferred by these teachers to the students who will be benefitted during survey work and analysis of satellite data for their use.

This program will also motivate and create considerable interest in the trainee teachers to professionally perform the roles and responsibilities in a satisfied manner. It will also enable the teachers to plan their career and prepare themselves to accept the challenges of teaching profession. It will help them to further appreciate the importance of self-learning, lifelong learning, interfacing the graduates technical abilities with society, environment, safety, sustainable development, innovations and legal requirements. This programme is expected to be a good beginning for young technical teachers to improve their quality and prepare themselves for their career advancement and assume higher responsibilities in future.

A Short course on Fundamentals of Engineering Education Practices for New Teachers from IIITDM Jabalpur

The unprecedented expansion of Technical Education in the country has become a growing concern in terms of the quality and relevance. Accreditation is the recognition accorded to technical education programmes both at degree and diploma levels that meet the standards evolved by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). NBA has evolved a systematic, logical and transparent process of accreditation for engineering programmes. It has been revised many times based on the experiences and feedback from participating institutes and team members. The recent version for accreditation focuses on quality assurance in technical education and at the same time emphasizes on continuous improvement. Preparation for obtaining NBA accreditation of academic programmes offered by technical institutions has become imperative in view of the competition and demand for quality. There are numerous purposes of obtaining accreditation such as:


•       To assure quality of graduates and services within the institution,


•       To promote healthy competition for quality improvement within the institution and amongthe institutions,


•       To facilitate potential students to select the institutions for admission,


•       To promote employability of the graduates and employable status,


•       To improve the performance continuously and continually, and


•       To enhance accountability of institutional members for quality and continuous improvement.